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The growth and development of a company require much more than the passage of time. As Belair Composites moves into its second quarter century, we look back   with pride to a job well done. But we who will guide it through the coming years are dedicated to surpass even that splendid record. We will do it by committing ourselves to you: By giving the best possible service, before and after the sale; by providing the best-engineered elastomeric products; and by using every available resource to solve your problems quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Our equipment, expertise and enthusiasm are the products of more than 25 years of striving to be the very best. The wide variety of products we offer, flexible hose ducts and connectors, all reflect that commitment to excellence. Only by offering quality products backed by prompt, dependable service to meet your total needs will we fulfill our commitment to you and to ourselves: To be the recognized leader in our field.

Since Belair Composites was established in 1974 it has become a leader in custom aftermarket hose products.  We manufacture a variety of  styles and shapes of silicon and neoprene flex hose, emission adapters, sleeves, couplings, gaskets, and seals. A small company, owned by a pioneering business woman, geared up to supply even the largest companies with special needs.

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Belair Composites
3715 E. Longfellow Ave.
Spokane , WA 99207
Phone: (509) 482-0442

Fax: (509) 482-0448

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